Pit Barriers and Mojo Barriers

At Evolution Stage Hire we have a large selection of front of stage barriers also known as Pit Barriers or Mojo Barriers. We supply our aluminium stage barrier systems to live events including festivals, tours, corporate events, sporting events to improve safety.

All of the our pit barriers provide a safe working area in front of the stage for the artists & staff.

Aluminium Straight Barrier Section

  • Rounded top rail allows audience comfort
  • Specially designed tread plate with a sloping front toe
  • Floor plates connect to form level surface, reducing trip hazard
  • Rear step facilitates visual and physical access to the audience
  • Solid A-frame welded aluminum construction
  • Intelligent design enables handling without risk of trapped finger
  • Height 1.20 m
  • Use in high crowd pressure areas
  • Manufactured by one of the UK leading pit barrier manufacturers
  • Built from high quality aluminium
  • Offers a safe working area for security, media and medical personnel
  • Standard panels, angled sections, gates & cable entry points

We stock a huge quantity of barriers from straight, cornered, cable run or access gates & adjustable barriers.

These industry standard, front of stage barriers, have been designed in accordance with the Institute of Structural Engineers guidance on temporary demountable structures and Health & Safety Guidelines 195.

These Pit Barriers are seen at festivals in front of the main stage (FOH) and PA towers.

Pit barriers
Mojo Barriers
Pit barriers
Pit and Mojo Barriers
Pit barriers
Pit barriers
Pit barriers
Pit barriers
Pit barriers
Pit barriers
Pit barriers
Pit barriers
Pit barriers
Pit barrier walkways
At the rear of the vertical part a step is attached between the two braces, giving security personnel visual and physical access to the crowd. both for handling and transportation reasons, the barrier retains its strength through intelligent design.
Pit barriers in Liverpool
Our Pit Barriers 1m in length.
Pit barriers in Manchester
Before and after each event every safety barrier are checked manually to ensure they are in the perfect condition ready for the next event.
Pit barrier safety
Safety of crowds, crew and performers is importance to Evolution stage hire we work hard to ensure your event runs smoothly as possible.
Barriers and gates
We have stock of gates and cable gates.
Mojo barriers
Flex barriers are to angle in any shape wanted, varying from -90° to +90° to give us more control over the shape of the barriers.