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Pit Barriers, Mojo Barriers & Crowd Control Fencing

Crowd control fencing
Crowd control fencing

We offer crowd control fencing and specialist pit barriers / mojo barriers / stage barriers / front of house barriers for all type of events:

  • General protection for crowds and performers
  • Forward planning for crowd control at demonstrations and marches
  • All types of events for example: music, food and sports

We are very happy to discuss your event or project with you and will provide no-nonsense information, help and free advice, together with a free site visit if required, and a very competitive quotation. These can be hired separately or as part of a package.

Pit barriers

Pit barriers are used for a wide variety of applications as they are easy to erect and provides a flexible solution as the event unfolds. Pit barrier units can be linked together for:

  • Queues
  • Paths and walkways
  • Grassed areas
  • Fencing off food and drink areas
  • Concerts and live music
Pit barrier safety
Safety of crowds, crew and performers is importance to Evolution stage hire we work hard to ensure your event runs smoothly as possible.
Mojo barriers
Flex barriers are to angle in any shape wanted, varying from -90° to +90° to give us more control over the shape of the barriers.
Barriers and gates
We have stock of gates and cable gates.

Pit barrier walkways
At the rear of the vertical part a step is attached between the two braces, giving security personnel visual and physical access to the crowd. both for handling and transportation reasons, the barrier retains its strength through intelligent design.
Pit barriers in Liverpool
Our Pit Barriers 1m in length.
Pit barriers in Manchester
Before and after each event every safety barrier are checked manually to ensure they are in the perfect condition ready for the next event.