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Smartstage 180 for hire in 2021

We are pleased to announce that Evolution Stage Hire is the first staging company in the UK to purchase a Smartstage 180 from Kultuor In Germany.

Arriving in October is our new Smartstage 180 will be premiered at the Showman’s show at Newbury Showground 21 & 22 October. We hope to see you at the show. This stage will be one of the largest mobile stages in the UK.

The Showman's Show

With over twenty years experience in the entertainment sector hiring mobile stages we cover events ranging from some of the UK’s largest festivals to village fêtes and galas.

Smartstage 180
The Smartstage 180 in action in Germany


We supply this stage with different set ups depending on your needs and the type of event.

  • The stage is 15m x 12m  and 22m including PA wings.
  • It offers 163m² floor space & 180m² roof.
  • The stage is 10m high. Stage floor to roof 8m & ground to stage floor 2m. So no need for PA Towers at the side of the stage.
  • We offer disabled ramps for all our stages. Please call us to discuss the needs for your event.
  • We don’t supply the lighting and PA but we can put you in contact with companies we work with who can supply the Lighting and PA equipment.
  • Stage comes with two access steps – One either side.
  • We also can provide extra space at the side of the stage for a cowshed.

We have three smaller stages, the 32m² ES32, the 48m² ES38 and the 61m² ES42.

Smartstage 180 dimensions
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Smartstage 180 specification
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Smartstage 180
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Smartstage 180
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Smartstage 180
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Smartstage 180
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Gallery of events using the Smartstage 180 around Europe

Smartstage 180
Smartstage 180

Smartstage 180
Smartstage 180

Smartstage 180

Load condition – Roof casquette

Regardless of general safety requirements the following instructions must be observed from a static point of view:

In general the casquette can be equipped with the following load:

  • Front casquette hanging point: 50kg
  • Back casquette hanging point: 100kg
  • Load bar hanging point: 3x 100kg or 300kg on the central position

If the load lints of the casquette are used, a minimum load must be struck on the lattice girder of the folding roof, so that the lattice girder in the folding roof does not receive an lifting loads!

Further loads in the roof:

  • The front roof bean is fully utilised by the casquette
  • The lattice girder behind the casquette holds, in addition to the loads of the casquette, 6 further loads of 100kg each.
  • The other lattice girders have 6 adequate loads of 350kg (instead of 5x 400kg)

New important details are the higher rigging loads per frame:

  • It went up from from 2000kg to 3000kg
  • So it will be 6x 3000kg rigging capacity for the main roof

The wind stability doesn’t change and will be provided up to Beaufort 8 in operation. There are no limitations out of operation with the the side walls removed.

Calculations are made with an impact wind pressure of 0.2kN/m² up to 8m height and q=0.3kN/m² from 8m up to 20m in operation.

Out of operation the theoretical impact wind pressure s calculated with 0.56kN/m². This is the reference pressure calculated for the German wind zone 4 (that is equal to North Sea coastline in Germany).